We’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Kerry Milliken to our Bel Air Maryland veterinary practice.

Dr. Kerry Milliken and has been a practicing veterinarian for over twenty years. She graduated from the prestigious UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1995 with an emphasis in food and small animal medicine. Since that time, she has dedicated her life to the treatment, management and preventative care of all animals, but especially exotic animal species.

She began her career in Palmdale California. Although an unlikely area for exotics, the region contained numerous large private collections of exotic animals used in motion pictures. Species included pachyderms (African elepants and white rhinocerous), large and small exotic felids, large and small hoofstock species (largely various members of the cervidae family, but also camelids and domestic livestock), primates (apes and monkeys) and many other mammals, avian and reptile species. While serving as a private practitioner for the various species within the practice, she also fulfilled the duties of high volume spay/neuter surgeon and also worked as an emergency clinician for the local emergency veterinary hospital.

Since that time, she has broadened her caseload and skill set. She is proficient in surgery, medicine, emergency medicine and diagnostics. She collaborated with respected zoo and exotic animal veterinarians both in zoo and private practice over the years and enjoy being part of a team. She is USDA certified and licensed to practice in the state of California and Maryland.

With the addition of Dr. Milliken, we are expanding our services to offer expert veterinary care to an array of domestic and exotic pets such as birds, reptiles, sheep, goats and more! We’re also continuing in our passion to serve our clients and our patients with stress-free vet care. Call 443.617.9836 today to learn more or CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment and we’ll come to you!

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