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We love hearing from our clients and we absolutely love getting great reviews. We work hard to make sure our clients and our patients have a great experience so it means everything to us to get their feedback. Take a look at some of our great reviews!


We love hearing feedback from our clients! Providing great service is important to us and we love sharing our reviews!


Client satisfaction is our top priority. We work hard to make sure we’re meeting the needs of our clients and our patients.


We’re considered the premier veterinary practice in the Bel Air Maryland area by our clients. Check out what they have to say!

Dr. Vance and her team have been our vet for years.

Bethany K.

Dr. Vance and her team have been our vet for years. Three years ago when we had to put our beloved Zoe down, Dr. Vance and her tech came to our home to perform the hardest part of their job. What I remember about that day is looking up after Zoe had passed and seeing tears in both Dr. Vance’s and her techs eyes. We often think vets are used to this and will show no emotion, but this was not the case, they were both extremely compassionate. I knew then we made the right decision to make Homeward Bound our forever Vet service. The staff is awesome and will love your pet as much as you do!

I can recommended Homeward Bound to anyone

Cindy B.

I can recommended Homeward Bound to anyone with a pet that they truly love and want the best care to be given to them. They are loving and kind to our 10 year old dog Dixie, who they discovered has a heart mummer and congestive heart failure. Dr. Kristen Vance then set us up with an appointment with veterinary cardiologist and keeping up with routine check ups on her. She’s a wonderful veterinary doctor blessed with a special gift.

Kristen Vance and her staff are the greatest ever

Shirley D.

Kristen Vance and her staff are the greatest ever! Always kind and gentle with my pets and patient with all my questions! I’ve been taking my Mini Schnauzer girls to Kristen for about three years now. It’s great that they will come to your home or you can visit them at their mobile clinic. Kristen came to my home to spay two of my girls. I was able to get them soon after they came out of anesthesia and take them right into my home and put them to pet. Certainly alleviated the anxiety of the car ride. If you need a vet, or thinking of changing, I cannot think of anyone else I would trust with my pets.

Thanks to the team at Homeward Bound

Lucia B.

A stray kitty appeared on our door step beaten up pretty bad. Extremely thin and scared to death. He was trapped and confined until Dr. Howell and her assistant checked him out. It would have been extremely stressful for him to transport to animal hospital. Dr. Howell and her assistant calmly applied Care opening a abscess he had and giving him the necessary shots he needed. We named him Teddy and he’s doing great thanks to the team at Homeward Bound, he is very appreciative to be given a second chance.

Best Group That We’ve Found

Megan W.

Best group that we’ve found! After moving, I tried a different practice as it was closer and all I needed for our dog was an antibiotic. After that experience, I would travel hours to get to Homeward Bound if necessary. Thanks for always being kind, caring, knowledgeable and compassionate during the happiest and saddest times with our animals.

Having them come to the house reduces the stress

Rachel J.

I don’t know what I would do without Dr. Kristen Vance and her staff. Having older cats with aging issues they help me keep my “kids” as long as possible and in the best health. Having them come to the house reduces the stress of vet visits and their cost are comparable to any other veterinarian. I would highly recommend Homeward Bound Mobile Veterinary Service.

Dr. Kristen and her staff are top notch

Erica A.

Dr. Kristen and her staff are top notch! I started using them 4 years ago for an elderly cat who hated other people and hated to leave the house. Once I saw how my Jakey loved them and behaved accordingly (as opposed to needing sedation to allow an exam as previously required), I knew I was never changing vets! Over the years I have added 3 more kitties after losing Jake, a dog and she even helped my duck. I can’t imagine even seeing anyone other than the staff of Homeward Bound! With every call, or med pickup at Barons, they are a true delight to work with!

Dr. Kristen has been caring for my babies since she started

Donna C.

I don’t even know where to begin – Dr. Kristen has been caring for my babies since she started her practice. I’ve never had a vet that cared so much about the welfare of my pets. Driving to the vet was not a pleasant adventure, between the nerves of the cats, a motion sick puppy, and a large dog that did NOT want to go! Dr. Kristen comes to you! That relieves the stress on you and your pet. The office staff is so helpful and caring. Once you have a vet come to you and you see how much better it is for you and your pet, you will love it. My pups run to greet them when they come.

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